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Well, last night was Halloween. It was fun to watch the parade, and share with the ghosts and ghouls who came around trick-or-treating.


It’s also a reminder that we’re coming up on a busy time in the life of the parish. This is a great time to get to know the congregations of the Brule Ogallala Parish of the United Church of Christ. Our parish is comprised of two congregations: The United Church of Christ, Congregational in Brule; and First Congregational United Church of Christ in Ogallala. The Brule church is located at 500 N. Olive Street, and worships each Sunday at 9:00 am. The Ogallala congregation is located at 302 N. Spruce Street, and worships at 10:45. To learn about our denomination, you can go to www.ucc.org


This coming Sunday, November 4th, the Brule congregation will host its Annual Harvest Festival at the Brule Community Center on State Street. We will serve a meal from 11:30 to 1:00 pm, and hold an auction afterwards. This fundraiser is always a fun time for our parish, and we invite you to join us.


The Ogallala congregation, located across from the Post Office in downtown Ogallala, will hold its: Annual Stewardship Drive Dinner after worship on November 18th. Everyone is welcome to attend this meal. We ask members to bring a dish to pass, but don’t worry if you can’t—there’s always plenty.


That evening, the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Brule will hold its monthly potluck Supper Club at 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome, and invited to bring a dish to share. But again, there’s always plenty for guests!


On Friday, November 16th, the Ogallala congregation will get together for a Game Night. At 5:30 that evening, we’ll gather for pizza and enjoy a time of fellowship. Bring your favorite game, and join us!


Then comes the really busy time—we will begin our celebration of Advent with the Hanging of the Greens—decorating our sanctuaries and buildings—on November 25 after worship at both churches. You’re welcome to gather with us, as we put up our Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and other Christmas decorations.


This year, Advent begins on December 2. We will commemorate this special time with the lighting of Advent candles each Sunday until Christmas. Then we’ll celebrate the birth of Jesus with Christmas Eve Candlelight Services, at 5:30 pm in Brule, and at 8:00 pm in Ogallala.


We invite you to join us for any or all of these events. We wish you a wonderful autumn, a Happy Thanksgiving, and a joyous Advent season!



Pastor Lisa




The Mission of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Ogallala is to love God above all else and see the world through our Savior Jesus Christ’s eyes, by worshiping and praising God, evangelizing, and serving others as a Christian community.  


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